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Making Lovers After Stories – Review | One Year Later

Enjoyed Making Lovers and want to see what happens a year later? Making Lovers After Stories gives you a brief glimpse at the protagonist’s potential lives with each of the five heroines.

Not read Making Lovers yet? It’s one of the few moege visual novels that takes place after graduation from college and one that we recommend. Check it out here. Making Lovers After Stories is a fandisc and I’d strongly suggest playing the original first.

Five Stories

Starting up Making Lovers After Stories, you’ll be presented with a choice of five heroines. Click onto one and it’ll start the story for her. Other than that initial decision and some in the 18+ scenes, there are no choices.

It’s worth pointing out that this is a rather short experience. The original Making Lovers took me about 17 hours to complete. Making Lovers After Story took about 3.5 hours, with each route taking around 40 minutes. It is priced lower, but don’t go in expecting a more extensive fandisc such as Kinkoi: Golden Time.

One Year Later

All routes take place over a day or two and are set a

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