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Top Visual Novels Of 2022 / Upcoming Visual Novels Of 2023

2022 has seen quite a few visual novels released in English. While we can’t claim to have played every single one, we have checked out quite a few! As we finish off 2022 and start 2023, the NookGaming team wants to take a look back and highlight some of our personal favorites. KuroKairin, Wes Playfair, and I (Thomas Knight) have worked together to put together a number of the top visual novels of 2022 and chosen some we’re looking forward to in 2023.

As always with GOTY lists (or VNOTY in this case), these choices are subjective and based on the visual novels we have personally played. It may later be updated to add in a few more titles, particularly for the later releases of 2022 that we haven’t completed yet.

Feel free to let us know your choices for the best visual novels of 2022 by pinging us on Twitter or our Discord.

Top Visual Novels of 2023 5 – Amatsusumi

What is said cannot be unsaid. Words have power, quite literally for Makoto, a wielder of the mystical Kotodama. Kotodama users can compel others to follow verbal commands, and because

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