Hatsumira -From the Future Undying-now on the Switch!

The fantasy action VN Hatsumira -From the Future Undying- is out now on Nintendo Switch!

Three more VenusBlood Fandiscs now in English!

If you love the VenusBlood series, there's three new bonus stories out right now for you to enjoy!

Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Shuushou Update—Trial Edition out now!

Monmusu Quest is back and so are all of the monster girls—there are over 400 of them!

New Monster Girl Hentai RPG Surpasses Funding Goal by Magnitudes—Mana Quest

The Monster GIrl H-RPG Mana Quest is going into its last kickstarter day! It could break triples its initial goal already.

Monster Girl Yuri!—Head Over Heels out now

A yuri story featuring all sorts of monster girls—our protagonist included!

Review: Garden of Roses: Summerset—Monster Girls Galore!

Let's take a look at Garden of Roses by Outis Media!

Outis Media Releases Demo of Their new Monster Girl VN—Garden of Roses: Summerset

On June 27th 2023, Outis Media announced on their social media that they had just launched the prologue chapter for Garden of Roses.