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Tsunomaki Watame (角巻わため)

is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its fourth generation of VTubers alongside Tokoyami Towa, Kiryu Coco, Amane Kanata and Himemori Luna.


Watame speaks in a pleasant tone befitting her image of a soft fluffy sheep. Her voice has been noted by fans to be especially soft, mature and womanly. However, in direct contrast to this image, Watame often amuses herself by making crazed facial expressions. Her wide-eyed, psychotic smile has become iconic on her channel, even appearing on some of her official merchandise (a double-sided pillow cover). She also bobs and weaves her head and body around, which has become one of her signature gestures that she does especially when singing.

She seems to be okay with her fellow hololive members eating her during collaboration streams, as she reassured her fans that even if she was eaten she would respawn after an 8-second timer.


Her Twitter account was created on November 2019, while her first tweet was made on 25 December,[6] her YouTube channel was created on 4 December and her debut stream was on 29 December.

On 10 April, at the end of Watame no Uta, she addressed the fact that her neck was orange, telling her viewers that she would get it fixed.[7] Later the same day, during a Tetris 99 stream, she received a minor model update, with her neck now matching the rest of her body.[8]

On 8 July, she announced during a stream that she would get her 3D model (this was already teased during Amane Kanata’s 3D debut).[9][10]

On 12 July, she debuted her 3D model during a stream, being the third of her generation to do so, where she also debuted her first original song Aimai Chocolate.[11]

Watame no Uta
Watame no Uta (わためのうた / Watame’s Songs Corner) is a weekday series of videos on her channel that started on 3 February 2020, beginning at 5:45 JST[12], with the intention of making it easier for her viewers to listen to her singing.[13]

In the first segment Watame sings two songs, it is then followed by Tsunomaki janken (つのまきじゃんけ / Tsunomaki’s rock, paper, scissors) where the viewer can “play” against Watame, the third segment is Kyou no Hitokoto Kiryu Coco (今日の一言桐生ココ / Kiryu Coco’s Comment of the Day) where Coco share her funny opinions, although other hololive members have also appeared.[14] Finally, Watame thanks her viewers for watching Watame no Uta by adding a short comment and then invite them to watch Asa Coco Live News.

In later episodes, she added the section called Tsunomaki Taisou (つのまき体操 / Tsunomaki Exercise), in which she parodies the morning exercise skits of Japanese morning shows, usually occurring on Mondays.

Originally the show was intented to end on 31 March 2020, however on 26 March Watame announced that the show would continue for another month, with the intention of becoming permanent if the show is still supported by her viewers.[15][16]

On 26 June, Watame no Uta segment reached its one hundred edition, this milestone marked the end of the show on a weekday basis, the new schedule of WataUta being now every Monday. Watame said that she would start vocal training.[17][18]

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