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屋根裏の彼女–generic romance ADV game on the PSP

What a risky venture. 屋根裏の彼女 (Yaneura no Kanojo) is a school romance adventure game, an ORIGINAL adventure game for the PSP! (i.e. not a port – it’s original!).
It’s being done by GN Software + F&C + Piacci, long time bishoujo-ge publisher/developer <— Canvas 2 people, the kind of people you have no idea how they have survived until now.

There was a time back in the PS1/PS2 days when original bishoujo-ge was a viable market. A lot of bishoujo-ge got its start on console including the dreamcast. This is way before my time so I hardly know much about it, but when I was browsing the catalog of PS2 games in Akihabara, I noticed the large number of visual novels I had not seen before anywhere else. My favourite is Final Approach 2 (also on the PSP). I wish they would make more like these because they are really really different to the PC games. They’ve got a different ‘mood’.

Anyway this one comes out in December 2012.

Here are some pictures.


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11 years ago

Different mood? Sounds interesting. Please elaborate? The only console-original bishoujo-ge (aside from Tokimeki Memorial) I’ve played is Memories Off 2.

Reply to  awesomecurry
11 years ago

They feel much more tightly knit and frugal with words because the writers are not instructed to bloat their simple stories into several hundred thousand hour epics.