Love Does Not Equal Trust – Saikey Studios Releases Sweet Wife’s Affair

On December 8th Saikey Studios released their fan translation for the 2023 Atelier Sakura game Taninbou de Ikikurui Kairaku ni Oboreteiku Saiaizuma ~ Misetsukerareta Kairaku ni Zecchou Suru Tsuma no…

Famous Netori Title in English!—Tsuma Netori Patch Released!

The famous netori title "Tsuma Netori" finally releases in English!

Taking Momma’s Boy to a Whole New Level!—Mama! Tsuma? Fan Translation Patch Released

Possibly morally reprehensible, but that's the charm amirite? Mama! Tsuma? now out with a Patch!

COZ Releases Anonymous;Code Improvement Fan Patch!

The Committee of Zero has released an improvement patch for Anonymous;Code's Steam port! This release has both a full and partial patch option, with the latter designed for English dub players…

Tsukihime Trial Edition - Banner
Tsukihime Trial Edition English FanTL released!

On December 10th TSUKIMAKES (not to be confused with Tsukihimates) announced the release of their first translation project – an English translation of Tsukihime Trial Edition.

Fate/Extra CCC banner
Fate/Extra CCC Fan Translation Released!

Just in time for Christmas, the long-awaited fan translation patch for Fate/Extra CCC is available to download.

Right on time with the Crowdfund!—Fans Translate KimiNozo Fandisks

Fan translations for two of KimiNozo's spin-offs have been released.