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Tsukihime Trial Edition English FanTL released!

On December 10th, TSUKIMAKES (not to be confused with Tsukihimates) announced the release of their first translation project – an English translation of Tsukihime Trial Edition. You can find the patch files on github.

TYPE-MOON initially distributed fifty copies of this early version of Tsukihime in 1999 during Comiket C57. The trial version was sold on 3.5″ floppy disks for a price of 100 yen. In terms of content, Trial Edition is identical to Tsukihime Preview, which was distributed for free during the previous Comiket. After the successful release of Tsukihime, the Trial Edition got added as a bonus to Tsukihime PLUS-DISC which serves as the base for this fan patch.

This early release only consists of roughly 500 lines of text. It features only three main heroines – Arcueid, Ciel, and Akiha. Unlike in Tsukihime, Hisui and Kohaku only star as side characters in the Trial Edition. The character designs already closely resemble those from the final release – albeit with some notably different clothing.

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Tsukihime Trial Edition - Akiha
Tsukihime Trial Edition - Hisui and Kohaku maids
Tsukihime Trial Edition - Hisui and Kohaku casual
Tsukihime Trial Edition – Akiha
Tsukihime Trial Edition – Hisui and Kohaku 2
Tsukihime Trial Edition – Hisui and Kohaku 1
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TSUKIMAKES (a compound word made from Tsukihime and Omakes) is a translation group composed of Allu and Petrikow. The group aims to release English translations of Tsukihime bonus material from the early 2000s era. Currently, four works of this era remain yet to be translated. Allu has previously released a 16:9 patch for Tsukihime (as mentioned in our article about the web port) and Petrikow has worked on multiple TYPE-MOON fan projects as a translator, most notably with Tsukihimates on the English FanTL of Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-. TSUKIMAKES is still looking for members, so reach out to them if you are interested.

If you enjoy our work, please follow us on Twitter for more visual novel content and join the community in our forums and discord server: we’re pretty active there!

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