Debunking The “It’s Just Porn” Argument: Sex Shouldn’t Negate The Power Of Storytelling

Western society might benefit by taking a more mature attitude with mature content.

From Doujin Circle To Company! — ALcot’s 20th Anniversary

Curious about the team behind titles such as Onigokko! and Clover Day's? Let's go for a ride!

Chaos;Head NoAH – A play on perception!

A deep dive by Rulu into Chaos;Head NoAH's themes of "reality" and "perception", beware spoilers for the title!

DDLC+ Free on EGS — Here’s What It Offers

"I would call DDLC Plus a love letter to the game's massive community and dedicated fans."

Sid and his Influence on the Brazilian VN Community

I'd like to talk about one man who was very important to the Brazillian community and that has unfortunately passed away not long ago. His name is Sid.

An Introduction to the Misunderstood World of AVNs

Do you think 3D VNs are all sex, no substance? Well, you'd be wrong! Follow us as we dive deep into this misunderstood world...

The I-Factor: A Perspective on Intimacy with Characters in Visual Novels

Hello, everyone. This is Garrick, the guy who wrote that Ph.D. dissertation on visual novels—or as I like to call them, character intimacy games—that Fuwanovel posted about a while back.

The H-Factor: A Perspective on the Sex Scene

Today, we bring you a thinkpiece on H-content and its importance to the visual novel medium!

A Dive into the Ethics of AI in VN development

Introduction Despite still being in its infancy, Machine Learning models of AI have demonstrated that it is humanity’s next big innovation. The use of AI for translation and asset development…

VNDB Analysis: are Stereotypes of Visual Novel Characters true?

Let's take a look at VNDB's stats!