The world of visual novels is vast and while there are general VN centric communities like Fuwanovel, r/vns, r/visualnovels and Lemmasoft Forums, there are also tons and tons of other niche communities which are worth exploring. Recently, we noticed that the presently biggest community r/visualnovels has inexplicably removed a very popular listing of niche communities on Discord from their sidebar. From experience we can tell that this has always been a major place from where people were able to enter all kinds of fandom communities in the Visual Novel & Eroge macrocosm. The thread itself still exists, but it is not listed in the sidebar nor does it have an entire sub-page dedicated to it. What you can find here is not conclusive and if we find more communities and worthwhile accounts to add, we will.

Thankfully, such a list is quickly created, so we can now present you the official Fuwanovel List of notable VN Community Hubs.

*This list has been compiled with the help of every available public resource. Special thanks go to SuperAnge, r/visualnovels and everyone who told me to add their community by themselves!


*Red Color indicates inactive communities.
*Green Color indicates big to massive communities.
*Brown Color indicates mainly non-English communities.
*Communities with links removed are listed for completeness sake.

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Category I: Discords

  1. General Discord Communities
  2. Official Publisher Communities
  3. Fandom Communities
  4. Fantranslation Communities
  5. Indie Communities
  6. Devspaces
  7. Others

Category II: Community Hubs

  1. Forums
  2. Subreddits
  3. Other

Category III: Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Steam
  3. Twitter

Category I: Discords

1. List of Discords for general VN fanbases

2. List of Discords for official licensing companies

3. List of fanmade discords for specific VN genres/series

4. List of Discords for fan project/translation groups

5. Indie Communities (Please suggest more!)

6. Devspaces

7. Others

Category II: Community Hubs

1. Forums & General Threads

2. Subreddits

Main subreddits

  • /r/visualnovelsThe main subreddit for the visual novel community (not really friendly towards EVNs and non-JP readers)
  • /r/vns A splitter group of r/visualnovels for news and discussion.
  • /r/otomegames – A place to discuss otome VNs
  • /r/BLgameA place to discuss BL games

Related Subreddits

  • /r/androidvisualnovelsDiscussion and tech support for android visual novels (moved to Discord) 
  • /r/interactivefiction – Discussion of not-so-visual computer-based fic.
  • /r/linuxvn – Users who have tips or need help running visual novels on Linux.
  • /r/nukigeVN – Discussion about Nukige & general lewdposting
  • /r/Sweeaboos – A Swedish visual novel/anime/manga community. [Currently Private]
  • /r/vn_irl – the best _irl sub
  • /r/vndiscuss – Multiple visual novels are discussed in weekly threads, organized like a book club.
  • /r/vndevs – Discuss the development of visual novels.
  • /r/VNMusic – A place to share your favorite visual novel song of the moment. [Currently Private]
  • /r/vnpics – A place dedicated to posting images from various VN related media.

Individual visual novel communities

Game & novel development subreddits

Category III: Social Media Groups

  1. Facebook Groups

2. Steam Groups

3. Twitter

Official Company Accounts

Fan Translation

Important personalities or Gimmick accounts

This is by no means complete and will be continue whether new communities are being found. Please contact us to be added to the list!