Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Shuushou Update—Trial Edition out now!

Monmusu Quest is back and so are all of the monster girls—there are over 400 of them!

Become a True Man! — FanTL Released for Alicesoft’s Only You -Re Cross-

Learn how to be The True Man in this 2001 remake of an RPG from 1996!

Makoto Mobius – Review

How is everyone doing this fine day? I have been feeling inspired so here comes my next title! For today, I offer you my review of the next work in…

Mix Ore – Review

Once again, I’m back for this series! My last review concerned CHARON’s debut release, Mikoto Nikki. Now, it’s time to spotlight Mix Ore. The following review encapsulates my experience rereading…

Mikoto Nikki – Review

When asked about how they got into visual novels, most people will answer with something along the lines of Doki Doki Literature Club!, Saya no Uta, Katawa Shoujo… For me,…