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Ikusa Megami Zero (Avisch)

Ikusa Megami Zero


Foreword The Ikusa Megami series is a group of four games that are hybrid visual novels/RPG. The setting is at a place called Dir Lifyna. It’s a general fantasy world: elves, magic, demons, gods, angels, and the like. The average for this game on erogamescape right now is 84/100 across 488 entries (an extremely high rating). For those of you who do not know, Erogamescape is like the metacritic of eroge except the scores are mostly based on user votes. I hope you will enjoy Ikusa Megami Zero when it finally comes out in English because Avisch seems determined.

Interesting Tidbits
Ikusa Megami Zero was originally a TLWiki project but it got C&D’d and removed.
Sex is a part of life, and it’s interesting, repression of similar media will only make people more interested.”
They are looking for new recruits right now. If you think you are reasonably motivated, please contact Avisch.

Avisch Contact Details

Use Avisch's discussion page on

The Interview

Interviewee: Avisch


What got you started on the project?
I wanted to get involved on the translation scene. I am a very impulsive individual, I love Japanese stories, media and the Japanese language itself. So despite my small knowledge at the time, I figured the TLWiki could get me set-up on a translation project for games by Eushully. I was eager to get involved.

There seems to be many many games in the Ikusa Megami series. Can you tell us a little bit about the series for those of us who are not in the know?
Eushully bases most of their games in a single world: Dir Lifyna.
It’s a general fantasy world: elves, magic, demons, gods, angels, and the like.

Ikusa Megami was their first game to feature the world (atleast to my knowledge) which was then followed by most of their other games. For the most part Eushully seemed to be experimenting from 2004 to 2007. Ultimately they released a map of their world which showed the locations of the main continuities.

Ikusa Megami follows the story of Serika (or Celica if you prefer the anglicized version) a human possessing the body of a goddess. He is a a general hero archtype. But considering this is an eroge, at some points he follows the Rance style heroism and has his way with women whether they want it or not. Nearly all Eushully games follow a sexual-magic dynamic that involves itself in the plot somehow. Their games have alot of rape-scenes which may turn people off, but their stories are quite interesting.

Ikusa Megami Zero is a prequel to the events of the first game, showing how this all came to be (which was only briefly shown in the previous games). Showing Serika as a human,

Why did you pick Zero to work on first?
Ikusa Megami Zero was notable at the time (2008) for being a high-quality eroge with RPG elements. I really loved the art and the “legendary” aspect of the story. I wanted it to be possible for people to get started, so I contacted ViruX who eventually made a tool so we could get inside the game.What is your view on C&D?
C&D is a problem, but I’m very mellow about these things. Ultimately it’s just one interference for fan-translators that can eventually be solved if the issue gets big enough.

I don’t like hard-core liberal views, but I hate censorship and think it’s stupid that erotic illustrations are allowed to be banned. Sex is a part of life, and it’s interesting, repression of similar media will only make people more interested.

If you don’t mind me asking, how are you continuing with the project since the time it was taken off TLWiki?
I had joined with another group briefly, but I felt my expectations for them were too high. So I opted to break away.

Much to my embarrassment I am entering college and formally learning Japanese at the moment. So I have put the project on hold for a bit.
Once I get enough time (and confidence) I will continue the project again. If another project for Ikusa Megami Zero starts up, I will atleast beg to be involved somehow

Had you been able to find more translators for the project?
No.Are you still recruiting?
Definitely. Anyone who wants to join can join. But I would like to make sure that they are quite motivated and reasonably mature.

Thank you Avisch. Best of luck with your project and your studies.


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Joine Jukas
13 years ago

My order has arrive and i will try install this game.BTW,where did they get english patch?