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Looking to Interview Fan Translators

Update: 15/09 Thank you so much to Ixrec (head of Amaterasu) for lending me his time to do an interview. I will post the entire script up on here… soon I hope.

I am currently undertaking a project to interview a select someone (a translator or editor) from every VN translation group in existence. Some of you would have received emails, forum messages, or even edits in the personal discussion page on TLWiki. For those of you who have replied, I am very thankful.

If you are a translator or editor and I had not shot you an email yet, please contact me [email protected] and tell me which project you are working on. I have initiated contact with roughly two thirds of the 75 projects in existence (75 according to /jp/). I actually skipped some of the <2 hour sex romp titles. Perhaps I shouldn’t have. For example, I am definitely going to interview Necrosis but Necrosis works on dark, sex romp games. What do you think?

Gao! I'm coming to get you!

Extras stuff:

  • No Name Losers (On hold until we learn more about their contract)
  • Kara no Shoujo (On hold until Apoptosis reveals release plans)
  • Hatsukoi (staff prefer to remain anonymous)
  • Baldr Sky (Please email me if you know anything about these people. I cannot find anyway to contact them no matter where I look)
  • Does anyone know the staff involved with Sensei Daisuki 2
  • I decided to leave out Sekai Project (School Days). The reason being, everything that we would like to know about their project is already widely available. There are no questions left for me to ask. See

If you have any complaints or suggestions or you disagree with the way I am conducting the interviews, perhaps you just want to praise me, or you want to question my motivations. For whatever reason, please email me or use the comments.


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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13 years ago

Maybe you should have just interviewed people who actually have completed a project, rather then getting a whole bunch of others who never really made any progress. There are uncountable people attempting to translate and it’s better to at least set a standard then to interview everyone.

13 years ago

Point taken. But I think that depends on what I am trying to achieve through these set of interviews. If I was highlighting those people in our community with achievements (which I am), then yes, your method would be a superior approach. But for me, the point of this exercise is to promote community. And for me, everyone who translates or edits is a part of the community. That is why they get interviews.

In fact, as you will see the very concept of creating a standard is extremely problematic. This is most clearly demonstrated when I ignored some of the sex romp (<2 hours) titles as I was going through the list. That was my own bias at work. I have corrected myself now, and I'm going back and contacting all those sex-romp translators out there.

Sanity Ends!, could you please email me if you see this!

13 years ago

@ aaerul

Sanity Ends! is actually just a solo translator. He used to operate under a different name and was the first casualty of the flood of C&Ds that are being sent out like candy now. This situation went under the radar a bit since it was literally on the eve of the situation with minori and No Name Losers, which grabbed A LOT of attention. He shut down the original operation and started up Sanity Ends! From what I know, he very likely will want to stay under the radar and will politely decline an interview. I won’t post the name of the original operation here since he wants to completely disown himself from the original name but if you have been following the scene for a while you should be able to figure out what the original name was.

I would advice getting back on the irc because that is probably the best way to communicate with him. As I said, it’s likely he won’t agree to an interview since he does want to stay under the radar.

13 years ago

Thanks atlas. In which case I will pursue that group no further.