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Segmented Games and how much you REALLY pay (by Hinano)

This article is word for word copy & paste from Hinano’s blog.

Posted on October 4, 2012 by Hinano
I discovered that PlanPeace’s newest game Solomon’s Ring is yet ANOTHER segmented release series so I just had to write a post about how ridiculous this entire marketing scheme is. The easiest way to do this of course is list the series, the cost and what we are finally paying as foreign customers.

Shinobazu Seven:
This one’s the worst offender with ONE character per game and each one costs 2940 yen! x 6 games that 17640 yen = $224 USD for 6 characters! You can get a full PSP game with more than 6 characters for $80… The difference here is Dummy Head mic but…Diabolik Lovers an Kanno Mukashi Banashi all have dummy head mic and they cost $80 each??

Double Score:
Regular Edition: 2499 yen per game x 6 games = 14994 = $191 USD. Please note each game only has 2 characters to capture so you’re essentially paying 1249 yen per guy. Limited edition charges you 3759 yen per game which brings you to a total of  22554 yen = $287 USD…. (゚ロ゚;)

Solomon’s Ring:
3129 yen
per game x 4 games = 12156 yen = $154 USD. Terrible but at least you’re getting 3 characters per game here.

Hana Awase:
1470 yen per game x 3 games = 4410 yen = $56 USD. Not bad I suppose? Seems like the cheapest one of the bunch. I’m not sure how many characters you get per game, but I THINK either 2 or 3.

Dousei Kareshi:
3 Games with 2 characters per game. Currently price is unknown. Has dummy head mic. The downside is the 2nd character in each game is the guy you’re supposed to CHEAT WITH on your boyfriend. How pleasant. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)

Needless to say………STOP IT JAPAN. Otome games are expensive enough without you having to resort to such ridiculous measures. I mean Double Score is one thing, the stories I’m pretty sure self contained to the guys themselves….but games like Shinobazu where each CD is part of a whole story you are then almost chained down to get every CD in order to understand the overall plot.  Also by including “drama CDs” to increase the value of the game…lol no thanks. I find it unfair how female game players only ever get drama CDs and some art booklets yet all the eroge /galge players get wall scrolls, body pillows, posters etc. I’d rather have a nice poster or a wallscroll than some frisbee. I don’t even have a CD player anymore the only time I can listen to these damn things is in front of my computer or if I rip it and stick the mp3s on my phone. ( ´_ゝ`)

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Tidbit: And here is a revelation… did you know that girls in Japan, like you, resort to piracy when they can’t afford all this stuff? See Japanese millennials are known as the “generation who doesn’t consume.”


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lu xiong
lu xiong
11 years ago

i love it