Press ESC to close Japan Mailing Proxy is offering 50% off handling fees until Christmas!

Just heard from WtFrostyCakes, there is a mailing proxy called that’s offering 50% off until end of the year. That means 400 yen for one AUCTION item from Yahoo Auctions JP, which is very cheap. Basically it’s half as cheap as (they charge 700yen + 10%) and over 3 times cheaper than (they charge 1500 yen).

But there is more:
1st item is 400yen. 2nd item 200yen. 3rd item 100yen if from the same shop or same seller! Has to be same seller if using yahoo japan auctions.

  The reason why you would want to use Yahoo Auctions, is because that’s where all the Comiket-exclusive and Dream Party-exclusive stuff is being listed(short of attending these events yourself).

Also check out some tapestries and daki from Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou, the new Navel game.
Mail Order Here: []
Pretty sure you can pay 400 yen to order one of these (600 for two and 700 for three.)


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11 years ago

[…] And you can only get this if you attend C83. No mail order… But you can check out Yahoo Auctions Japan after the event and pick them up from sellers at a premium price. Also they might open up mail orders after the event if they have spares. Use a proxy mailing service like or […]

9 years ago

it seems that japonicamarket is a nice choice,you can try jpbidding for yahoo japan bidding,and trust me,that’s a wonderful choice,too.