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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo–PS Vita/PSP Game Coming Out 14th Feb!

This is the PSP/PS Vita tie-in game for Sakurasou no Pet [anidb], coming out 14th February.
● Features
– Full Voiced anime cast.
– Scenario is supervised by Hajime Kamoshida (鴨志田一). Supervised only, not written by him.
– Art is done by J.C.Staff. Usual anime quality.
– Uses the Live2D technology to animate the characters (quite good. It’s better than Oreimo PSP).

Some screenshots from the PV movie: High res vita screens are real nice. They make my blogging life easy.


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11 years ago

Do you know if this will be translated to English by a group? I want to play it so bad =.=

Reply to  Nate
11 years ago

Don’t worry I’m sure it will be translated in english in 50+ years! Unless you know Chinese ,then it will only take a couple of months(Popular titles are usually translated in chinese) HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Reply to  Nate
11 years ago

erm….rinngen….i don’t think it is English. It is totally JPN version.

11 years ago

The Vita is still a unhacked and closed — so no luck there. The PSP version is certainly possible, but the nature of PSP hacking/translating is harder and more time consuming than normal VN fan translation.

Thus… sadly… we wait.

11 years ago

Want that in english !!!!! >.<