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Yosuga no Sora Fan Translation–59.5% (Haruka no Sora started!)

Hecrepan: Hi! So today I finally have some time to make the monthly update, we have made a lot of progress in the last month (recruited several Tl’s, fired a few). But the most important thing we did this month was to finally start translating Haruka Na Sora. Yes you heard right the TRJR team is officially translating Yosuga No Sora “fun” disc. But before going on with HNS let me announce the progress of YNS. [Original Post]

Yosuga no Sora
Sora 8334/8334 100% YAY!
Nao 1383/7378 18.7%
Akira 3473/8860 39.2%
Kazuha 6690/6690 100% YAY!
Motoka 1645/6315 26.0%
Common 2119/2119 100% YAY!
OVERALL 23644/39696 59.5%

Haruka Na Sora
Sora scenario 937 /5689 16.4%
Yahiro scenario 27/4226 0.63%
Kozue scenario 682/5483 12.43% 
Karaoke scenario 0/367 0% 
YNS character story (NOT including Sora) 0/435  0% 
Translators: xAstarotte, [Obscure], MO JO (MIA–”we are looking for someone to replace him”),

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11 years ago

where can i download haruka no sora?