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Da Capo III is the 4th most popular show on Crunchyroll!

Tweet from @Ninnuendo.


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11 years ago

lol I have to agree with those that can’t believe Naruto’s in first place. I even think is amazing that Bleach is in the list. No hard feelings, I just don’t like these shows xD
PD: I haven’t seen D.C. III yet, I’m waiting for a bit more to see lots of chapters in a row c:

Reply to  Sieg
11 years ago

It’s just a popularity ranking. So no wonder that Naruto is first. I don’t say Naruto is the best but certainly one of most popular titles of all time.

11 years ago

Yep, most of the viewers are probably 12 year old middle school students who wear a headband to school and make throwing stars out of paper.

Don’t get me wrong; I used to do the above when I was in middle school. Hopefully, these guys grow up to the point there are better shows than just Naruto.