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Nitroplus is Expanding into Pure Moege

Nitroplus is doing a pure moege. It will be called Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi (君と彼女と彼女の恋。) or Totono for short. This is unusual because their early catalogue consists of a lot of dark-themed games like vampire slaying, samurais, then shifting to psychodelic VNs like Sumaga and Axanael + mecha and then there is the pseudo-science-themed ADVs like Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head. With the exception of Sonicomi (which is a cameraman game), I think Totono is their first pure moege. Art is being done by Tsujisa Nta (津路参汰), and writer is Shimokura Baio (下倉バイオ). Both in-house staff. This will be an 18+ title. Not sure if I like the style but so little artwork has been revealed it’s too hard to say for now.

Note: There are only 2 heroines!


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11 years ago


That’s all I can say.

11 years ago

>and then there is the pseudo-science-themed ADVs like Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head
which is more like 5pb./MAGES creation in fact. Also we don’t know for sure what is story about. Maybe it will turn out to be utsuge instead.

11 years ago

Not sure if this is really just a moege, or it’s only looking like that on the surface. The “genre” seems to be “alternative ADV”, whatever that could mean. The pink-haired girl is already look quite…off, shall I say.

Reply to  Curry
11 years ago

She is called “denpa” on the official site.

Scarlet Hall
11 years ago

This, a pure moege?
I won’t be that hasty

Seen the PV yet?
> BGM : Liebestraum by Franz Liszt, a “Love Dream”, giving an eerie feeling throughout the video
> BGM stopped, a flashback occur, a baseball bat falling down, and a phone call by “God”
> and even the title, “君と彼女と彼女の恋” is halfly implying there’s a love triangle of some sort inside

Definitely (or hoping for) an utsuge,
Don’t let me down now, Nitro+

11 years ago

Ehhh. Nitro+’s art isn’t fitted for moe shit. Moe shit only works if it’s literally only eye candy. The art style that nitro+ uses are actually diverse while most…. or the majority uses eye candy shiny graphics. Pink haired girl looks like herp derp.

11 years ago

*watching the video*

There’s no way this would be a normal moege.