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Shiropika is your Next Wanko to Kurasou

I wanted to blog this game just because the art is so good… It’s called Shiro no Pikapika Ohoshi-sama or しろのぴかぴかお星さま (VNDB) by Sweet Light which is a spawn-off from Light. The CG is great. I’m not too far into the game but it’s got two wanko charas (dog girls), Shiro and Aurora.

From Clephas on VNDB:
Yuki’s beloved dog died when he was a small child. Ten years later, he has dreams about a young girl in a weird place full of walking, talking animals and when he wakes up, he finds her by his side. It is his dog, Shiro, returned from death to be with him. Along with her comes the black cat Aurora, and his friends Airi and Himeka soon find out about the mysterious ‘fairy tail land’ he goes to when he sleeps as well as Shiro.

This game is like one massive lump of sugar, for the most part. For Light’s second effort at producing a game of a different type than their previous (much darker) ones, this turned into something much farther down that line than I would have expected. They seem to have gone for ‘adorable’ on every single level of the game, and they take full advantage of Japanese writers’ love of surreal themes to bring a simple but well-written story devoted to love and enjoying life…

It’s still a bit early to judge so far, but the EGS reviews have been generally positive:

  • 87/100 – Game feels like a picture story, I bought it because I liked the dying dog returning to its owner theme. I don’t particularly have a thing for kemono-ko but I enjoyed this title.
  • 50/100 – The scenario changes themes too much between routes. Found out it was because they had two writers.
  • 80/100 – Reality is similar to a Liar-soft game, where getting ahead and deceiving others is the path to victory. For those who are tired of that world, welcome to this wonder land of healing!  Because ‘Cute is Justice!’  For those who have played Tapestry, you will get more out of this game.
  • 75/100 – Some flaws. Particularly the difference between tachi-e and the HCG (oppai size inconsistency).
  • 90/100 – I bought it because of the art and seiyuu so I didn’t expect much, but this turned out to be extremely good!

Some screens:


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11 years ago
11 years ago

This is the sorta thing that made me start learning Japanese. And to this day, I can recognize more kanji than Japanese words 😀

11 years ago

Bleh… no way to edit comments. crappy theme

11 years ago

Yep, this is next on the list after I finish up Little Busters (Shut up, I know I’m late with LB, lol).

Haven’t had some kemonomimi in a while, so this is going to be good stimulation +w+