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Byakko-Tai (Hakuoki clone) And Aniken Now Available on iOS and Android

^ Byakko-tai [Google Play] [iTunes] [Homepage]

I’m going to make these clips a bit shorter cause it cuts into my TL time, but a newish company called Operahouse is pushing both boy-oriented and girl-oriented romance visual novels onto the iPhone and Android, they actually released two games almost simultaneously, Koishite Aniken (恋してアニ研) for guys, and Byakko-tai (白虎隊 志士異聞記) for girls – both of them are full voiced. The business model is the same for both games, first 2 chapters are free, then last 3-5 chapters are paid. Japanese-only. (even though the description on the Google Play store is in English for me).
^ Koishite Aniken [Google Play] [iTunes] [Homepage]
It says in the heading, learn to create anime romance adventure game. The character designs for this looks just awful. Byakko-tai is way better looking.


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