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Little Witch Parfait Remake Windows Version for ¥4,800! (previously only available on PSP)

The Kogado Omnishop (their own company’s online store) is selling Little Witch Parfait ~Kuroneko Mahoumise Monogatari~ Windows version for ¥4,800 [click]! Why this is cool is because previously this game was PSP-only. I’m not actually sure when the PC version came out, but it’s out! And that is cool. However it would be nice of them to tell us what resolution the game will come in since the limited PSP screen was always such a waste of the art. The game is drawn by Pulltop’s Fujiwa Warawara whose artwork is too awesome. (Although she doesn’t work at Pulltop anymore) This is not completely a visual novel, you have to run a shop similar to Recettear and you have to pay off a huge loan before a deadline, just like in Recettear (aka "Capitalism Ho!").
By the way I hope they accept foreign VISA cards.

Some Screenshots Also the OP video is really nice:

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Also check out Hakuisei Re:Therapy [] which is also on the PC for 4,800yen even though the original game was PSP only. I actually think this could get translated by fans. It’s either this or Okujou no Yurirei-san.


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