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Sword Art Online PSP One Week Away From Release! – someone should video translate the routes

Sword Art Online: Infinity Moments is exactly one week away from release! That’s got to be good… for those people who can play it. The gameplay looks fine, from what I’ve seen it’s really high production. Check out interview with Asuna’s seiyuu, Asuna Will Have Way More Jealousy Scenes. I actually think there might be enough crazy Asuna fans out there that someone will be motivated enough to try to organize a way to at least video translate the individual routes (You can choose to get-with any of the heroines). As for full translation, I think if Valkyria Chronicles 3 TL can exist, then this one can too. And even If you only know how to record clips from the game using CFW PSP, start a project up! Someone will rush madly in to translate it for you. I just know it.


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11 years ago