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Omega no Shikai Fan Translation Looking For Skilled Translators

vis063 Terminallyfacetious is looking for very prolific translators for Omega no Shikai [See Thread], a visual novel developed by doujin circle Nekobanana. It’s a very difficult game to translate, as explained by this review from Ixrec. Lots of made-up words, and puns and subtleties and the like, that need to show through in the English version. So this is no run-of-the-mill project. Game is non-ero.

“Of course, this project warrents some very skilled translator(s), and I usually don’t like to do this, but a translation checker, or "consultant," will be fundamental to this project. A second opinion will be crucial to retaining as much of the nuance as we possibly can.
A hacker would be nice as well, but the game’s written in Kirikiri so it kind of hacks itself. Still, I’m clueless about that kind of stuff, so it would be appreciated.
I can probably take on the position of project manager, as I have a lot of free time on my hands. I can also edit, because I have a LOT of time on my hands, but feel free to volunteer for an editing position.” [original thread]

14d64450c32659ecb^ It says 「Mi.Kyamyarukaymyarukyaratasa.Wa,Mi.Myarumyarukyakyarakonemyarukaya.wa
and such」

But that art is gorgeous. Sorry I couldn’t find images from the 1st in the series so these are shots from the third part of the series (game is divided into 3 parts + 1 fandisc).


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11 years ago

Is this only the project for the first Part?

Reply to  Raptor
11 years ago

The translation project will cover every part.

11 years ago

After reading that review, Ixrec doesn’t exactly convince me this is a game worth translating if it’s “untranslatable,” has a bad ending, and leaves too many unanswered questions.

If it wasn’t a kirikiri engine game, I’d say this project was crazy. Good luck to the team.

Reply to  ReMeDy
11 years ago

It is a very ambitious project, but I don’t think the game is “untranslatable.” I like to think that there’s nothing the English language can’t adapt to, even if we’d need to completely reimplement a certain “gimmick” to make it imply the same thing, while still working in English.

Also the CD came out after his review, so who knows which plot threads were still hanging by the end of that.

Thank you for the comment!

11 years ago

Amazing! I wish I could help, but my Japanese isn’t that good. This game has wonderful songs done by onoken and Aki Misawa.