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Walkure Romanze Gets Anime Greenlit!

ris006a Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ gets anime greenlit! [] The original game is by Ricotta who also made Princess Lover which also got an anime. So now they’ve got two animes even though the real anime I wanted was not this, it was Koikishi! (which is also knights-themed and released at roughly the same time).

I know almost nothing about this game. The oppai is very big. I bet the anime will be a piece of crap. By the way there is a fandisc to the original game that is in the works. [see Walkure Romanze More&More]

Some Screenshots from the game:
mio004c mio005a mio006a 24915 24913 ris002a ris004c 1_18


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10 years ago

can u add that “Koikishi!” that you talked about?
it would be awesome if it is translated. looks interesting

10 years ago

So does that mean it’s getting translated? Tried searching for this on Steam and cant find it.

Reply to  ReMeDy
10 years ago

Not THAT greenlit…

10 years ago

I better start reading the VN then, because the anime probably won’t do much justice for the characters and their routes.

They should have just made a H-OVA series from it, like with Princess Lover in the second round

Reply to  Revan21
10 years ago

The studio that made Princess Lover never finished… guessing they went under. GIVE ME MY CHARLOTTE NOW!!!