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Interview with Nakazawa Takumi (Ever17) about Root Double Xtend edition

c20130713_rootdouble_xe_10_cs1w1_959x1280Interview with Nakazawa Takumi (Infinity series) who is the director of Root Double on PC/X360 and now being ported to the PS3 called the “Xtend edition”. Interview here: [Dengeki Online]. I’ll just lazily summarize the main points.

    • For the Xtend edition, they’ve rearranged the scripts to be better and added a little bit of new content.
    • The port is to find more customers. (they said expand the audience)
    • It is a more complete version of the game but…
    • It’s not like the X360 version was incomplete or anything. X360 version was complete.
    • There is no append disc planned for X360 or PC users to buy to get the stuff they will miss.
    • PS Vita market sucks. Not touching that. (my paraphrase)
    • And then they talk about the promotional art. (pictured above and below)

c20130713_rootdouble_xe_13_cs1w1_300x424 c20130713_rootdouble_xe_12_cs1w1_300x371 c20130713_rootdouble_xe_11_cs1w1_300x371 c20130713_rootdouble_xe_09_cs1w1_960x1280

    • The new route happens near the end of the game to give the user another ending called the “Extend Route”.
    • It occurs when certain criteria (depending on the user’s choices) have been fulfilled.
    • There will be new CGs for this event but no new CGs for existing scenes.
    • (Then they speak in-depth about bits of the story which I have no idea since I haven’t played the game yet.)
    • The “game system” has been improved. It will be easier to play now.
    • Changes to the achievement system so that you just have to find every scene instead of every line of text.
    • They talk about the Drama CD which is a two-disc set, 120minute long total, one from 夏彦’s POV and the other from 渡瀬’s POV. (only comes with the limited version of the game!)
    • It’s about events that happens after the “Grand Epilogue”.
    • There’s a new episode in the drama CD called “After Crime”.
    • They were hesitant about adding too much new stuff to the PS3 release since the franchise is past it’s “prime time” so they focused on a rather plain port of the game and decided to do the Drama CD instead.
    • There will probably be no sequel to the game since they liked where it finished.
    • Then they talk about the six free drama clips called 『Before Days』 which they will release one per week leading up to the release of the PS3 game. You can listen to all of it here: []
    • This is the New 2nd OP Theme Song "ROUTE EXIT":

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 c20130713_rootdouble_xe_25_cs1w1_640x428 Root Double Before Crime * After Days Xtend Edition 19th September release []
for PS3. Sorry for the sloppy summary.


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