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Oreimo Happy End for PS3 – the 3d models are fugly

befd5a0c Oreimo Happy End is an upcoming idol raising simulation game for the PS3. Since the last time I posted on this, they’ve released two promo videos, some more images, and more info on how the SNS and photo snapping system works.

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The 3d models are still crap!
20130604005650f76 c20130722_ohp_PV08_cs1w1_640x360 c20130722_ohp_PV09_cs1w1_640x360 c20130722_ohp_PV04_cs1w1_640x360 You really have to see the PV3 to see how the models work. They’re probably a little bit worse than Photo Kano and Love Plus. They look like the 2-Shot system you see on the PSP games, their heads and body continue to pointlessly wander about for no reason, almost no motion-capture, except now it’s HD… which is even worse, because there’s no detail to it. The faces and bodies are just “plasticy”.

Perhaps I am spoilt on the Live2D system with its amazing detail. (although that’s different because it’s turning 2D drawings into 3D). But back in 2008, I thought Valkyria Chronicles did the 3d models great! The gradients and textures were detailed enough so as not to be awkward. I really wish they could have given us something at that calibre. (Or better still, don’t make a 3D game… not that the 2d was even any good in the PSP game.)

But until they give us a full video of an entire photo shoot session, it’s hard to judge perfectly. If they did that, they will probably lose sales.

030 img_06Photo Shoot Sessions
Even though it’s idol produce, they’ve not said anything about singing in this. It’s just photo shoots. It’s similar to Photo Kano, the characters pose and you have to find the right angle to snap them. And depending on how well you shot the picture, you get a rating like Critical or NG or Pose and before the time runs out. The best pictures you take gets uploaded to the SNS for appraisal. There is a bonus mode where you take “rare” shots that are more “daring”.

Each of the girls (Kirino, Kuroneko, Ayase, Jimikko, Kanako) have an official site where you talk to them and make responses. And depending on your responses (called tsukkomi), you raise the girls in one of three parameters. For example Kirino has an otaku meter, an imouto meter, and a education meter.img_09 img_04img_05 img_06 (1) ^ that’s from the official site. at a particular line, you are given an option and then the dialogue changes depending on the option.

img_07 ^ And occasionally the characters invite you out for something special. Like a date.

More Screenshots
c20130722_ohp_PV02_cs1w1_640x360 026 022 023 029 025 027 1Superlong-unused c20130722_ohp_PV03_cs1w1_640x360017 018 019 020 021 022 (1)
^ The only good thing is there will be new 2D drawings by the anime studio. (yay?)
Also for the limited edition, they’re going to take all the “CG” art from the PSP games and give them to you in HD for this release. So at least hackers can rip them out and paste them all over the internet.

028 (1)This is everything you get for 10,980 yen limited edition.  There’s a Special track CD, a small booklet, a box with different art, the game, and a special blu-ray.


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10 years ago

release date is september 26th

10 years ago

Like you already said, I’m gonna wait for the CGs to pop up on the image boards.
Dem asses.

10 years ago

lol dam my friend just got back from Japan ….

10 years ago

What about Language lvl on this game ? in a 1 to 10, can someone with knowledge on jap scale it how hard it is?

Reply to  raina0h
10 years ago

well if I was judging from the PSP games, it’s quite easy. maybe 2 or 3/10?

Reply to  Aaeru
10 years ago

if u have psp, u should try the psp games and see if u can read them

( or grab emulator)

Reply to  raina0h
10 years ago

Tbh i had the impression that the level was quite low, but wanted to make sure since my jap aint good enough for this yet, so ill take your word on this, thx

10 years ago

Hmm. Not diabolical but not great either. The models that is. Lets just wait for the CG I think.

10 years ago

My Little Sister Can’t Be This 3D.

10 years ago

Haganai 3D models are ugly too.

10 years ago

They can hack the 3d models too. Maybe we are lucky and the creators gave them anatomically correct textures.