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Sweet Fuse Release Date is 27th August 2013 – preorder now

sf-mainbg Sweet Fuse release date is 27th August, 2013 on PSP. [Official Site]
Preorder here USD $30: [US only] <—amazon doesn’t ship games internationally. they would if they could.
Preorder here USD $34,90: [international] <—therefore eat that.

inafune He makes lots of cameos now in all sorts of games, not just this one.

5 ^ this pic looks like the kind of art you would see on one of those OELVN’s on kickstarter.

hogstein <—you get this pig necklace if you preorder. “All fans pre-ordering Sweet Fuse: At Your Side at Amazon will receive the limited-edition Count Hogstein necklace featuring the conniving pig’s skull insignia! This collector’s item will only be available while supplies last, so be sure to pre-order Sweet Fuse: At Your Side Today!” -aksys games

[via siliconera]


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10 years ago

If I remeber correctly character designer for Sweet Fuse is the same guy who made characters for Ace Attorney series, so it’s kinda awesome.

10 years ago

I will definitely be pre-ordering this. Hopefully Aksys decides to localize more otomege after this (and not milk Hakuoki to death)!