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Flyable Heart Complete Pack 3-games-in-one and B2 Tapestry for 8,800 yen

4989061203796Box art for Flyable Heart Complete Pack which has all 3 games in the “Flyable” universe… includes Flyable Hearts, Kimi no Nagori and Flyable CandyHeart aka the FanDisc. All drawn by Noizi Ito (haruhi, shana).

top3 There are two recommended places to preorder it, either you get it from the Official Selling Site <— just email this link to and tell them to scroll down to bottom and say you want FlyableHeart Complete Pack 8800 yen. Or <— email link to

If you buy it from Official Selling Site, you get: 
1) Slightly ecchi B2 Tapestry of Mayuri and Yui. (no preview yet)
2) Omake disc – pdf with all of the tokuten art in it and high def movies
3) A4 sized 36 page illustration book.
4) Neko mimi (cat ears) patch that gives all the characters cat ears in all 3 games.
2013-08-04 14_07_43-コンプリートパック自社通販フォーム

If you buy from you get:
1) A2 Tapestry of the box art artwork (first pic in this post)
2) Carefully selected large-sized illustration book.

If you don’t know already, Flyable Hearts is getting translated at Umikaze Translations. Translation Status is 9.9% as of June 16th. [Translator: MagicalDuck] So this is an excellent chance to grab a copy because preorders is how they make their money (AND you get an awesome tapestry and small artbook and a pretty cardboard box to put on your shelf).

Preorder dates start from 2nd August and last until 28th August so please get it in before the due date!

There are two releases at Retrans that are not full quality releases (they’re workable but u need to piece the bad english back together) that should tide you over until someone can do a full quality translation, available for FH and Kimi no Nagori.


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10 years ago

Looks like a pretty good deal to me.

10 years ago

That nekomimi patch <3

10 years ago

The box art looks slightly different, but overall it seems like a good deal.