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Shin Atelier Rorona Remake on PS3/Vita – some more screenshots

01_cs1w1_523x640 Atelier Rorona remake for PS3 and Vita. Some more screenshots from vol. 548 of Dengeki Playstation magazine: [] There’s 14 pages coverage in the magazine but they only posted a sampler online. Basically it will have new 3d model of the characters (the first Rorona game had awful 3D). And after you beat the game there will be things to do after.
01_cs1w1_640x360 02_cs1w1_640x360 03_cs1w1_640x360 04_cs1w1_640x360 bc683f50 c471c91a f0a4f209

Btw this is what Rorona in 3D looks like in the original 2009 version:002 001Meruru had the least annoying voice but Rorona was the cutest, while Totori had the worse voice but she had the best dress design.


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10 years ago

Rorona is the cutest, by far.

10 years ago

cool to see them going out of the way to really polish the game. more RPG’s for the Vita is never a bad thing

10 years ago

Atelier Rorona was by far my favorite one out of the three Arland games. The game looked really clumsy when I first saw it but I had a great time with it anyway. This is a must buy if it ever gets to the west!

10 years ago

how odd it doesn’t look like they changed the time system(no bar in the screen where rorona is in a field) even though they changed the battle system and i think the time system was where rorona received the most complaints. it might use meruru’s battle system but its the same as rorona’s essentially but tweaked out w/ turns and specials etc nothing terribly special.

10 years ago

I don’t know why they’re bothering to remake this. The original wasn’t even very good.

10 years ago

The 3D wasn’t awful in the original, it looked rather cute… but I like the new look.

10 years ago

oh my gosh… YES!!! I knew they were gonna make this eventually! After all, this is the year of remakes 😀