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Narcissu port to Android

setsumi Narcissu port to Android by Qberty, he integrated VNDS into his VN engine (that’s the name) to create this app. He’s also working on a port for Princess Waltz.

“For sure. Though, I could easily just take any script from a game and reverse engineer it to be compatible with the engine.
Right now i’m testing this out by integrating the script format of Narcissu’s VNDS version and then i’ll test it by running Fate/Stay through the same modified engine. If it works, then i’ve follow script_format.txt perfectly, and my engine will then be compatible with VNDS.
Than I can do Ren’py for the majority of people wanting Katawa Shoujo on their phone.”

– qberty

“Well, I did it. VNDS is now fully integrated in to my engine. So I think it’s the first free engine that can use VNDS games at full resolution.
As a test, I ported over the VNDS version of Narcissu without touching a single line of script.”

– qberty

You can get it free here: [Google Store]


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