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Blog Theme Setup In Progress, Might Take A While

The new theme settings are somewhat labyrinthine, and I’m experimenting with layouts in general at the moment. Sudden, strange changes may occur at any time for a while until I manage to stop running around like a headless chicken get it all under control. Or make someone else do it. Older posts will have formatting issues as well; such is the nature of Progress.

I hope y’all enjoy the pages Tay’s made, at least – the Fuwa Reviews section, which isn’t under my control, is looking mighty fine already.


Writer of irreverent VNTS commentaries, shadowy Fuwanovel string puller, Swedish, ambivalent toward meatballs. Brave Fuwanovel Skype Group memeber (rip), technically a reviewer, chronic everything staller. I am all these things and more, but mostly I'm really lazy. Loves yuri, reading, chocolate, and quality sugar-free colas. Hates VNs with too many choices and long walks on the beach.

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