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Full patches complete for Dot Kareshi II & III

The Golden ☆ Spirit~ team has announced the completion of full English patches for Dot Kareshi II and III. That means all three games in the series have complete translations and are available to play! Please be sure to check out the announcement post and send good vibes to the team.

The Dot Kareshi games are Otome games where you get to date RPG characters. If you’re a fan of Otome games, you should definitely check it out (and to get you started, here’s a video of Kristi78968 playing through the first game’s demo).

I was confused about the status of this project on Saturday (much thanks to Lambda for helping me sort that out), so this update from the team is especially timely. Some notes from the post:

Note: These are the complete patches that cover the whole game. Missing stuff (won’t affect gameplay experience/storyline): The scene-replays (for scenes that you’ve unlocked, they’re exactly the same as the main scripts, I only have to copy/paste the translation but it’s taking longer than I thought… I’ve got about 50% done already) and translation for voice-overs in “His Room”. The CG talks in the “Gallery” aren’t done yet too. (The voice-overs are currently being translated and TLC-ed, wouldn’t take that long). The updates for the 3 games will be posted later on. You can enjoy the patch as it is now! Stay tuned ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

We want to offer the Golden ☆ Spirit~ team a big ‘Congratulations!’, and wish them well on their next project: Ken Ga Kimi!


Golden ☆ Spirit~Announcement/Patch Location
VNDB: Dot Kareshi


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