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Sekai Project announces new projects at Anime Weekend Atlanta

During their panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend, Sekai Project announced the localization/development of six new visual novels. These VNs run the gamut of Japanese doujins, OELVNs, and one full commercial Japanese eroge!

To start things off, introducing Wagamama High Spec:


Wagamama High Spec centers around Narumi Kouki, a high school student living a double life as the author of a bawdy romcom manga. When the student council president Rokuonji Kaoruko discovers his secret she blackmails him into joining the council. Other heroines include Sakuragi Ashe, the student council vice president who opposes Kouki’s inclusion, Narumi Toa, Kouki’s younger sister who acts coldly towards him, and his childhood friend Miyase Mihiro.

What appears to be a standard moege is being developed by a talented staff with games like ChuSinGura and Aokana behind them, and it already has an anime adaptation lined up. Indeed, developers Madosoft are going all-out on this one. The VN is still in production in Japan and is slated for a release next April. Sekai Project is aiming for a simultaneous English release.


Next up is the Japanese doujin title Darekoi.


Known as “Dareka ga Koishita Hankagai ~Butterfly Loved the Street~” in Japan, little is known about this title despite being released in 2013. It appears to be a romance set in a town where time quite literally stands still.


Sekai Project licensed one more doujin title, The Orchard of Stray Sheep


The Orchard of Stray Sheep stars Ichiro Yamada, a self-loathing young teacher starting a new job at a girl’s academy on a secluded island, taking the freshly transferred Casserole under his wing. However, there is a secret within this school…. oooOOOoooo. One thing to note is that this VN is made by the creators of the recently translated Blue*, so if you liked that one, look forward to this.


Moving on to the OELVNs, Highway Blossoms:


Highway Blossoms is a short yuri VN set in the american midwest developed by Alienworks, the creators of the still-in-development Human Reignition Project. Amber wanders the midwest in her RV when she meets Marina, a hitchhiker in the middle of the New Mexico desert.


Yume no Sono is our next OELVN:

[No image provided]

Yume no Sono ~Garden of Dreams~ seems to be a reality-bending visual novel featuring Iris Stella Marinari and Tomii Reika as they run away from the real world and escape into the world of dreams. There, they enter the mysterious city of Sumaq Urqu and attempt to uncover the truth behind it and themselves.


And finally, Sekai Project has announced the development of their own original VN, Japanese School Life:


In Japanese School Life, you’re a foreign exchange student who is finally fulfilling their dream of living in Japan. There you’ll meet various girls and… things happen!? Expect this to hit Steam in Spring 2016.

As Sekai Project continues to add more to their plate, the number of VNs slated for release in english continues to grow and grow. Let us know what you think about these announcements, and which excites you the most!

*ahem* Hello! Decay here, I just want to post a quick note about the future of the Fuwazette blog. As many of you may have noticed, it’s kind of dead! We’ve only been doing weekly VNTS posts, and haven’t been keeping people up to date on any other developments. I’m going to be aiming to change that and bring more content to the community, be it in the form of news posts, op-eds, interviews, or other features.

But we aren’t a news site, we’re a fan site run by amateurs and hobbyists. This means we won’t exactly be super professional (I’ll be trying to keep things casual), and it also means we can do some things other sites might not, such as covering the fan translation scene. Your feedback can be immensely useful in determining the direction of the site, so please let us know the kinds of things you want to see!


Hello, I'm Decay, an avid fan of visual novels and a regular poster on Fuwanovel. Also, I now review and write about VNs officially for Fuwanovel? Yeah, that started happening at some point. You may also see me on VNDB as dk382.

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8 years ago

Thanks for covering these and for providing the vndb links. Sometimes new announcements are hard to find on vndb. I’m interested in all of them. Only Wagamama High Spec looks like something they have the possibility of ruining because of the way they deal with 18+ releases of games originally released by Japanese companies.

Reply to  Decay
8 years ago

I just don’t like how they handle the releases. As far as I know, they have never made any statement that they want to do releases like MangaGamer typically does them – 18+ version available at the same time as the all ages release, restored original art with no mosaics, same post-release support for both versions, physical versions ship within a week of announced shipping dates.

Sekai Project seems to make the bare minimum effort to have an 18+ version. NekoPara never got a digital version from them and had mosaics. The physical versions shipped significantly later than they originally said they would. Grisaia was delayed significantly from the all-ages version, had mosaics, and apparently still has a lot more bugs than the all-ages version. And it still has no date when the physical versions will ship, despite many approximate dates being given (and missed) in the past. Even the original English releases of Sunrider Academy and Sakura Swim Club had patches issued much faster for the all-ages versions than the Denpasoft versions.

So, I have no problem with them doing all-ages releases. But they just don’t seem to care about the 18+ releases at all. So until they do it differently, I’ll just figure they are going to ruin all of them.

8 years ago

Wooo, thanks for the updates Decay. All the VN’s look pretty good. Especially Wagamama High Spec and The Orchard of Stray Sheep (Looks to have fantastic artwork). Also since the latter has no sexual content the release should be much smoother.

8 years ago

Thanks for all the VNTL status all this while!

8 years ago

Sekai Project seems to be working on par with the Japanese team for Wagamama High Spec. Looks like VNs are slowly becoming more popular in the West now.

As for them making their own VN: Japanese School Life, there’s only one thing that I’m not sure of. Where and how are they going to find any voice actors for this title…

8 years ago

The Denpasoft Nekopara vol.1 release was the japanese release. There is no real “western version” only a multilingual japanese version. And looking on Nekopara vol.0 i would expect f*cking sekai projekt to cut everything sexual out of Wagamama High Spec so they can release it as “uncut”. The cut out material will than be available with the hardcopy as an artbook like Nekopara vol.0. Its sad but in my opinion this prommesing novel is allready lost. The only
“hope” is to get a multilingual, uncut, japanese verion with mosaic, like Nekopara vol.0.