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Official Review: CLANNAD

On Monday of this week, Sekai Project released their much-anticipated (and-very-official) re-translation and HD port of Key’s CLANNAD onto Steam. It was a big day for many VN players: for some of you it brought your visual novel journey back full-circle. Well, today we’re proud to give you our official review of CLANNAD, written by our very own SolidBatman, which is now live over on the Visual Novel Reviews Hub.

As of writing, Clannad’s new, official release sits at number 4 on Steam’s bestseller list (at least on my end here), which is phenomenal for a VN. The release of Clannad has been hyped for the better part of a year now, so just how good is it? Let’s dive into this and find out.

Please click this link to read the full review. We hope you enjoy it!

I’d like to thank Sekai Project for providing a review key of the game; SolidBatman for his time and hard work producing this and many other reviews; Ryechu for putting in the blood, sweat and tears to build the reviews team into something truly special and write several of his own reviews; Tyrael who recently reviewed Divine Slice of Life; InvictusCobra who recently reviewed Hanachirasu; and Palas who reviewed The Royal Trap at the end of October(and has a delightfully diverse array of reviews on the hub).


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