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STEAM NEXT FEST 2023 is now Live!

From June 19th to the 26th, Steam’s Next Fest will bring many news, demos and lots of fun for all players!

Next Fest is a week full of demos to play exclusively during that week. It’s a great opportunity for small developers to get some spotlight.

There will be demos for all players to try, and many from visual novels. Some of those include From Madness with Love; Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog; ghostpia Season One; and My Lovey-Dovey Demon.

Fear not, BL fans, you will not be left out — you’ll be able to play Dreambound, The Frozen Kingdom, and Monster Lover: Balasque. And for that matter, there will be some GL too, such as Fragile Feelings, BRXKEN INSIDE and DEVIL’S LIMINAL.

You can check all the VN demos on this table we made.

We hope you enjoy the demos you pick!


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