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Talk to Saya!—Procket & Nitroplus Released a Saya no Uta Application

Nitroplus and Procket have launched the “Saya no Uta AI App”, with an English option added. This web game allows you to talk to Saya in Japanese or English and get different responses, even leading to different endings.

Unfortunately, the English version is currently unavailable “due to access congestion.
You can access the main menu here; it seems the Japanese version works, but it’s not completely stable either.

Saya no Uta is a famous visual novel written by Urobuchi Gen (Phantom of Inferno, o, ), originally released in 2003. It was later officially brought to the West in 2013 by JAST USA, and then ported to the remastered version in 2019. You can play this remaster on Steam, JAST and GOG. However, if you want to play the uncensored version on Steam, you’ll need to buy the Steam patch on JAST.

Urobuchi Gen is a novelist, visual novel writer and script screenwriter.
He is known for his works at Nitroplus such as Phantom of Inferno, Deus Machina Demonbane and Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer.
When it comes to the anime sphere, he is very famous for writing Fate/Zero, scripting Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and creating Psycho-Pass.
His community gave him the nickname of Urobutcher, as he tends to write gruesome, heartrending stories.

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Rot. Decay. A wasteland of twisted, pulsing flesh.
Sakisaka Fuminori survives a terrible accident only to find himself trapped in a nightmare with no escape. His friends offer him comfort and support, but their warmth cannot reach his frozen soul.

Then he meets a mysterious girl named Saya, and little by little, his madness begins to infect the world.

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