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CHARON Titles get new Fan Translations!

On July 30th and August 9th, translator ijedi1234 published two new fan translations for both Immoral Sirene and Dice Psycho, respectively.
Immoral Sirene was originally published in 2019, while Dice Psycho released its full version in 2020.

CHARON is a game developing team who is most (in)famous for focusing almost solely on either yandere characters or other types of mentally unstable heroines (also known as menhera.)

ijedi1234 has also published other translation patches for other CHARON titles like Traumermaid, Menherafflesia: Flowering Abyss, and Princess Cage. You can check everything out on their itchio page.
Curiously, Dice Psycho has received a previous full fan translation before. However, that was for its free version, while this one only works with the paid version, which you can get on Steam.

New stuff I’ve seen thus far, compared to the free version:

  1. Route stories are unchanged, down to the very text (in Japanese) and visuals. However, everyone who isn’t the MC gets voice acting now. There’s also 5 second videos that play when you reach an ending.
  2. I’ve reviewed the translation of the free version, and compared it with my own. While the text would be identical if you read Japanese, my translation’s text is different, yet mostly identical in function to the free VN translation. There’s a few small things I think the free version’s translator missed.
  3. The new story the creator is referring to appears to be a short section unlocked after clearing the VN’s True End, where the girls from Menherafflesia and this VN hang out for a bit.
  4. I’ve edited the girls’ names to be homophones of Saiko, instead of all of them being named Saiko. The creator originally wrote their names as homophones, so I wanted to bring that to the English language too. One of them will still keep the original Saiko name, though.
  5. I have also added in a completely new feature, exclusive to this translation at this time of writing – you can now actually roll the die if you want. If you want a specific route, you can choose the outcome on the left, or you can set possible results (all six are possible by default) and do a random roll on the right.
ijedi1234’s itchio page

You must not set foot in this story with a pure and loving heart.
When you pursue the forbidden secret of the girl, you will be struck down to the depths of hell…


The heroines are all psychopaths!

A visual novel ADV where you fall in love with crazy girls.

Be careful not to be killed by psychopathic heroines when you play!

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