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O2A2VN Jam has Come to an End!

One more jam has come to its end! The Only One of Any Asset Visual Novel Jam ran from June 21st to July 31st and managed to gather a total of 156 entries. You can check our previous post on this Jam right here!

This jam consists of making micro stories—also known as flash fiction—up to one thousand words, while exploring your limits.

Milk+ visual is the artist for this year’s promotional art. They are also behind soundless – A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA –, an outstanding denpa VN.

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Past editions featured games such as a portrait of feathers, The Siren’s Song, Late Night Talks, and many, many more.

For this year’s entries, a few of our writers will be sending their reports on a handful of games they played and see how they score… starting today! Get ready for Kristi‘s reviews on Dual Chroma: Haereticus, Going Out Out, found you, My Last Heatwave, Never Seen, and Save the Last Dance.

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