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Review: Super Smash Gals: Ultimate Orgy—Gamer Girls, Sexy Girls!

I know all of us wish more women played video games in the real world, but in the universe of Super Smash Gals: Ultimate Orgy, this dream is a reality!

Kimomen Demo Kyokon Nara Netoge de Deatta Kyonyuu Girumen-tachi o Ofupako de Haramase Onaho ni Dekiru!, localized by Cherry Kiss Games as Super Smash Gals: Ultimate Orgy, is a 2023 nukige developed by Miel, a subsidiary of Zoo Corporation, that revolves around cosplaying gamer girls getting impregnated.

As with all Miel titles, Super Smash Gals is a linear nukige that focuses on impregnating the four lovely ladies you play an MMORPG with in real life. They come from different walks of life and have very different personalities, and several of them are voiced by some rather well-versed voice actors affiliated with Atelier Peach, a talent agency that’s been around since the late 90s. They all call you “Master,” though, so that’s where you start.

If you’re looking for any sort of plot beyond that, there isn’t any to speak of. There is not a single non-H event CG (which means you’re definitely getting your money’s worth on the H CGs), and the music is recycled from the other Miel titles. The art, done by Maki Daikichi (of Erogos fame), is solid and features minor animations like eye blinking and mouth movements. It’s a nice touch for sure, but outside of nice art, this game is severely lacking in the character personality department. That’s somewhat expected for the nukige genre, but I did not find any of the character interactions to be meaningful at all, and the protagonist is an absolute bum. Just a real lack of detail.

As for the main selling point—the ero—you’re looking at a lot of vanilla humiliation. From a large amount of watersports (which you have the option to turn off in the settings if you wish) to public play to “master/servant” play to lots of piercings, there’s plenty of erotic content to complement the art.

What I did enjoy, however is the in-game editor that you can put your own lines into. That’s definitely a unique element, though with the lack of any non-H CGs to work with, it loses its novelty factor pretty quickly.

If you REALLY like impregnation and humiliation, you’ll probably enjoy Super Smash Gals. But if that’s not your cup of tea, steer clear.

You can buy the game on Steam!

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