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Untold Atlas by Nochi Studios Available now!

Released on August 18th, 2023, Untold Atlas is a VN about explorer Riya Cross who, along with her crew, set out on an expedition of Aethra, a mysterious island housing ancient technology.

Untold Atlas is an amare/otome VN with a female protagonist where you can romance the rest of your crewmatesーmale and female alike. Successfully funded through Kickstarter and created by Nochi Studios, UA is available on Steam, Google Play, Apple’s app store (latter two already available since March 2023), and features a demo on itch for you to try.

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Untold Atlas is more than just a standard VN, it features interactive elements such as Mini-games, in-game group chat with the characters, and the ability to chose where to travel throughout Aethra!

Currently its priced at $14.99 USD on Steam, but is currently on sale for 10% off until the 24th! Check it out!

If you enjoy our work, please follow us on Twitter for more visual novel content and join the community in our forums and discord server: we’re pretty active there!

In addition, you can also support us on Patreon or by buying us a Ko-fi.


Fan of Visual Novels and Japanese culture, currently majoring in Japanese. Has worked on VN projects as a writer and director.

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