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An Umineko… Play?! — Stage of the Golden Witch, now in English!

Welcome one and all, to the delectable news that I can bring to any English-speaking 07th Expansion fan. The live-action Umineko: Stage of the golden witch, has been fantranslated! I’d like to also express my gratitude to Uminetta‘s circle for this beautiful fan project!

Localization Credits

Translation: Meera Malhotra, VampyricMaidUminetta

Editors: cj_iwakuraLettuceKitteh

Typesetting, Timing: Cyouni

Many of you may not know this about myself, but I happen to be an avid 07th Expansion enjoyer. Especially in the medium of visual novels, as I have collected them on Vita. Currently I am 60 hours into Higurashi When They Cry, and nowhere near finished.

I am happy to share that Williard H. Wright’s voice actor (Takahashi Hiroki) is playing the role of Krauss. Not only is Hiroki known for his portrayal in visual novels, he is also famous for roles in anime (School Rumble as Harima Kenji). Overall a very strong choice for the role of Krauss, as his promo image alone demands attention. Hiroki seems to be the only reappearing role from the visual novel; however, he is portraying a different character this time.

For a full breakdown of all actors in this performance, they are as follows:

Ushiromiya BattlerKawasumi Bishin 川隅美慎
Ushiromiya GeorgeIto Kotarou 伊藤孝太郎 (ep1)
Shuto Washio 鷲尾修斗
Ushiromiya JessicaAoki Hina 青木陽菜
Ushiromiya MariaAbe Erina 阿部恵理奈 (ep1)
Ayame Chiaki 菖蒲千明
Ushiromiya KraussTakahashi Hiroki 高橋 広樹 (ep1)
Tsukamoto Tatsuya 塚本拓弥 (EP2)
Ushiromiya NatsuhiSuzu Maihara 舞原鈴
Motomiya Hikari 本宮光 (EP2)
Ushiromiya HideyoshiSato Keisuke 佐藤圭右
Ushiromiya EvaHirayu Juri 平湯樹里
Ushiromiya RudolfMoriyama Eiji 森山栄治
Ushiromiya KyrieYazawa Rio 矢澤梨央︎
Ushiromiya RosaNamekawa Kyoko 滑川恭子
Ronoue GenjiFunaki Mahito 船木 まひと
Gohda ToshiroKoiso Kazunari 小磯一斉
Kumasawa ChiyoAota Izumi 青田いずみ
Nanjo TerumasaKato Takahiro 加藤隆浩
Ushiromiya KinzoIshizaka Izamu 石坂勇 (Ep 1)
BeatriceOhara Sayaka 大原さやか (Ep1)
Additional rolesYamada Seira 山田せいら
Waka 倭香 (Butterfly + Satan)
Watanabe Kana 渡部加奈
Uchide Natsumi 打出菜摘 (Butterfly + Asmodeus)

From the information that I have been able to gather, the Umineko stage performance appears to be cut into three separate live performances. Unquestionably a re-telling of the original beloved mystery visual novel, but this time on stage, under the hands of Shingidan as the producers of this play. There was also the mention of a DVD release of part 2 around September 30th!

This is where it can be tricky. In order to apply the English subtitles, you must have the DVD copy. Sadly, this is the only way as the patch is a text file only. If you were to watch it in the VLC media player, you can use the files inside of this player with no problems.

I appreciate Uminetta for providing two separate translations: a partial localization, and a full one. The partial localization maintains the Japanese honorifics, for people who prefer them — people like me. Whereas the full localization is more aimed at casual fans who prefer a more natural English way of speaking. Please note that I have not inquired Uminetta on the specifics.

If you have watched this play already, please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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