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Bring peace to Yamato! Samurai Vandalism now in English

This past August 26th, publisher Kagura Games released the English version of ONEONE1‘s latest title Samurai Vandalism. Announced earlier last month, it was released on Steam and their own website with a price tag of $24.99.

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Samurai Vandalism is Kagura Games’ 19th English-translated release since their foundation in 2018 and marks ONEONE1’s first official game marketed for an international audience. Originally released in 2021, it is also ONEONE1’s first visual novel after their long hiatus from 2014. Additionally, it is the group’s first long format game, with multiple user playtimes registered around the 20-30 hour mark.
Itou Kanako and Shimamiya Eiko, two well-known singers, lend their vocals for the OP and ED of the game respectively.

Samurai Vandalism is set in a fictional Japanese-style country where players will be exploring a setting rife with conflict reminiscent of the Bakumatsu Era. The game features exploration mechanics, turn-based battles, and beautiful combat animations. Pick the side you want to take in the conflict and fight your way to peace!

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Due to cruel governing policies and corrupt noblemen,
a rebellion is beginning to unfold in Hozuki.

Byakuya, the rebel organization that fights the shogunate,
has recruited many of the strongest warriors in the land,
and all of them have a grudge against the shogunate.

The shogunate’s elite fighting force, Hozuki,
is home to the only ones that can stand against them.
Mukuro, Momo, and Kinako must do battle to win
true peace for Yamato once and for all!

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  • 3 story routes
  • Exploration mechanics with turn-based battles
  • 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Beautifully hand-drawn combat animations in anime style
  • Freedom to choose which side you’ll take in the story’s conflict
  • Includes additional content unavailable in the original Japanese release
  • Fully voiced female cast
  • A ton of H content!

As of writing, Kagura Games is currently hosting a sale of up to 80% off on their storefront. If the game piques your interest, you can get it for 20% off on their official website or buy it on Steam!

A patch to add adult content to the Steam version is available for free on their website as well.

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