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Livestreaming Horror?! Livestream 2 releases on Switch

The side-scrolling horror game Livestream 2: Escape from Togaezuka Happy Place published by qureate, sequel to Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami is now on sale for the Switch in the Nintendo eShop for the price of $24.99. It is planned to come out on Steam later this year.

Update: Livestream 2 has been released on Steam today on 6th October 2023. There’s a 15% discount during launch week.

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Once again, the character design is the work of Inui Waon. The scenario is written by Mutou Takayoshi who previously did Sentimental Death Loop. As its predecessor, it’s produced by Usuda Yuujirou.

Livestream 2 is rated Teen as it contains mild violence and partial nudity with some spicy CGs.

Same as its predecessor, it features part visual novel elements and part gameplay. You will have to try to save the three girls while fleeing the chasing monkey mascot by solving puzzles, finding clues, switching between the characters and running as fast as you can (or hiding). The game has multiple endings, depending if you manage to save everyone or not.

A group of live-streamers, Himari Aitsuki, Miyabi Himemiya, and Aina Hiiragi enter the abandoned shopping mall "Togaezuka Happy Place", famous for being haunted, in order to shoot a video.

When they arrive at the ruins and nothing happens, the girls, already not feeling excited about the shoot, are disappointed but get attacked by a mascot monkey that appears out of nowhere.

When Himari comes to, Miyabi and Aina are nowhere to be seen...

Himari and the others are trapped in the abandoned shopping mall and each begins to search for a way to escape.

As if to make sure they can't escape, a mysterious mascot appears before them and attacks!
Just what is this strange mascot?
Will the three be able to meet up again and manage to safely escape?

The new streamers' live-threatening stream begins now!

Aitsuki Himari (VA: Lynn)

The heart and soul of the streaming group “Hima Channel”.
She admires Nana Channel and started streaming after inviting Miyabi and Aina to join her. Since her subscriber count isn’t increasing, she wants to make a project that will create tons of buzz in just one try.
She’s an ordinary college student with no special strengths. Thinking that she has nothing she excels at, this has become a complex for her. She had nothing in particular that she wanted to achieve and was just living a self-indulgent university life. But when she one day stumbled across the three members of “Nana Channel” being supported by tons of people and shining, she thought to herself she wanted to be just like them and so started streaming videos.
Her goal is to collaborate with Nana Channel.

Voice samples:

Hiiragi Aina (VA: Ayumi Mano)

A college student at the same university as Asami and Miyabi. She’s their junior by one year.
She’s a very indoorsy net and game-enthusiast and lives life at her own pace. She’s mainly responsible for video editing since she has extensive knowledge of how to operate a PC.
She first got acquainted with Himari and Miyabi when helping them when they were having trouble with video editing at the university. Himari then forcibly recruited her as a member.
Himari and Miyabi dote on her like a sister, but…

Voice samples:

Miyabi Himemiya

Miyabi Himemiya (VA : Yamamoto Nozomi)

A college student at the same university and year as Himari.
She’s the youngest child of a wealthy family.
Surprisingly, she’s a good cook and family-oriented. However, she doesn’t think that this is something to be proud of.
She gradually starts becoming fascinated by Himari who isn’t afraid to get into her personal space and they become good friends.
She’s semi-forced into streaming videos with Himari.
At first, she had little interest in video streaming, but now she enjoys it even though she complains about it.

Voice samples:


A monkey mascot suddenly appears before Himari and her friends as they shoot a video at the abandoned shopping mall.
It will repeatedly attack them as they try to escape!

Monkey mascot

If you enjoyed the first title, this one is on sale for the Switch in the Nintendo eShop for the price of $24.99.
It is planned to come out on Steam later this year, so if you’re a PC gamer, wishlist it now!

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