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Your Landlord is an ero doujinshi artist?! — Shiina Maho no Himitsu now in English!

A FanTL of Astronauts: Comet’s Shiina Maho no Himitsu ~Name wa H de Omoitsukimasu~ was released yesterday on September 16th via a /vn/ thread by Tip Your Lady Translations. The patch is available to download here.

According to the blog post, this patch only translates the text content of the game, which means that menus remain untranslated (as they are image files). The main menu content and the config menus were already mostly in English, so very little remains untranslated.

The translator, Reoreii, does not plan to translate anything else at this time. But you never know, maybe some kamige will come along. We can only hope.

Installation instructions for the patch, as well as links to pick up the Japanese version of the game the patch works with, is available on the blog.

Shiina Maho no Himitsu ~Name wa H de Omoitsukimasu~ was originally released in July 2019 by Astronauts: Comet, which is one of the imprints of the Astronauts umbrella, formerly of Atelier Kaguya. A year later, the team released Kamikura Hina no Himitsu ~Gohoubi wa Watashi no Karada♪~, which takes place in the same universe, but is focused entirely on a different cast of characters.

Astronauts: Comet released their first title, Tsukumo Onna Aoe, in 2014, and has since released several other titles including Tsukiyo no Mura, Tou no Shita no Exercitus, Aristear Remain, Adebana Sacrament -Seinaru Miwaza to Akuryoutsuki no Shoujo-tachi-, and Korekara Anata o Ubau kara!!! -Yuuwaku ♥ Soudatsu ♥ Sisters-.

With beautiful flowing black hair and good looks, on top of a calm personality and polite speech, Maho is a well-raised lady no matter how you look at it. However, behind that exterior lies a true side that no one could have imagined: she is actually a avid ero doujin author!

Koutarou ended up moving into the apartment that she managed and quickly discovered the secret that she had tried to cover up at all costs. She was horrified that her secret was out, but contrary to her expectations, he accepted and supported her dream of being a creator. So, she made a once-in-a-lifetime request to him in order to produce the most amazing work:

“Could you provide me with erotic reference materials?”

Thus, he was recruited to help with countless ‘material gathering sessions’.
How will the ero manga that they worked on together turn out?


Oogaki Koutarou


Main Protagonist

A university student who is forced to find new accommodation during Summer when a small fire damages his rented apartment (the landlord is old and impecunious and the repairs for such an old flat make it more economical to just tear it down). His senior Kamikura Hina introduces him to “Koubou Shiina” and its landlord, and he accepts the offer as the rent is just as cheap as his previous tenancy.

He does not have a goal in life, so he respects those who have a dream and work towards it. To make ends meet, he works part-time at a supermarket.

Shiina Maho

VA: Enokizu Mao

Main Heroine

The landlord of “Koubou Shiina”, she takes care of the apartments and her tenants’ needs. However, she is a closet Doujinshi manga artist and is constantly looking for ways to improve her output through research.

One of her apartments is empty, so she welcomes Kamikura Hina’s referral of a new tenant.
An unfortunate “accident” reveals her secret to Oogaki Koutarou, but his reaction to her secret hobby is so unexpected she makes an unusual offer to him regarding “reference materials.”

Kamikura Hina

VA: Kazahana Mashiro

The former ace of the university swimming club, an injury forces her withdrawal from active swimming and she focuses on managing the club instead. Koutarou’s senior at the University and the person who introduces him to Koubou Shiina and its landlord.

She’s addicted to pudding. She claims she can easily have it for three meals a day and extorts Koutarou for a limited edition version from her favourite shop in exchange for a referral fee to the new apartment.



He works at a bar in the commercial district close to the maintenance agents Maho relies on for apartment repairs. He favours affectionate physical contact with Koutarou, which gives the latter the chills.

Kinugasa Mitsuru


His mania for baseball rivals Hina’s obsession with pudding. He’s so devoted to the sport (which he considers the pinnacle of team sport) he’ll strongarm Koutarou into signing up for the baseball team fan club which he supports.

He’s always dressed in the fan uniform of his favourite baseball team. Despite his physique, he doesn’t play the sport at all. He owns a bicycle which he uses to cycle to stadiums to watch games (professional league, high school etc.) when his budget allows and relies on the television in his room when he’s unable to watch games at stadiums.

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