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A Slow Burn Yuri That’s not Seabed?—Fragile Feelings by ebi-hime Released on Itch and Steam

Ebi-himes newest Yuri VN called Fragile Feelings was finally released on the 12th of October 2023. This is the next game after Eldritch Idol which came out for the occasion of Spooktober VNDev Jam 2023. It’s a sweet, slow-burn yuri visual novel without choices. Right now, it only supports the English language.

Fragile Feelings is not ebi-himes first title on with the topic of lesbian relationships, she already released the critically acclaimed Blackberry Honey (JAST) and Strawberry Vinegar and many more.

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Ann Clements is terminally ill.

Born with an inoperable tumour in her temple, numerous doctors told her during her childhood that she wouldn’t survive into her adulthood.

Ann’s parents, regarding their frail and sickly young daughter as a hindrance, sent her away to a fancy all-girls’ boarding school, St Cecilia’s, located in the countryside at an early age to get rid of her.

Ann’s future looked like a bleak, desolate thing – but, by some miracle, she survived much longer than expected.

At the age of nineteen, Ann now works at St Cecilia’s as an assistant teacher, while having no plans, goals, or dreams. What can she hope to accomplish, after all, when her life might suddenly come to a close?

Ann’s job is fulfilling enough, but the monotony of her daily routine isn’t enough to satisfy her. As her twentieth birthday approaches, Ann’s desire to experience more of the world beyond St Cecilia’s walls increases…

And then Ann meets St Cecilia’s new nurse, Asaba Kohaku.

What will happen between the two women next...?

Steam & Itch description
  • A story written by ebi-hime, the author of Blackberry Honey
  • About 100k words of text (approx 4-8 hours of reading)
  • A kinetic story with no choices/branches
  • Detailed character and background artwork
  • A custom OST
  • A cute, slow burn romance story
  • Despite the premise, the story is actually quite uplifting, I promise!

Writing: ebi-hime
Character art: Thai Chau
Background art: ShikiSon HuynhThai Chau
Music: Hope
GUI: Sitraxis

The game was released on Steam and and is currently on sale at Steam until October 19th. The normal price for the game is $12,99, discounted to $11.04. The game also features a free adult patch that enables the erotic content of it. You can try out the game with a freely available demo.

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