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Review: Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition—Overcoming Fears with Eroticism!

The developer Cherry Kiss Games has provided a review code via Curator Connect for this game. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Finally: I get to cover something topical for Halloween!
Ignore that we’re almost three weeks past Halloween..

Disregarding that… most people have a fear of ghosts, but the protagonist of this game instead has a fetish for them and wants to smash one.

Yomichi de Osotte Kita Kaii ga Bakunyuu Dattanode Haramase Niku Onaho ni Shita Ohanashi—as it was originally titled—is a Miel game featuring a scenario by Arimaki Youta and beautiful, erotic CGs from the wildly talented artist T-28.

Only five months after the game originally released, the prolific localization company Cherry Kiss Games released it as Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. However, the big kicker and biggest selling point for this is the fact that it features an English dub toggle! Yes, you heard that right, you can switch the main heroine’s voice actress from Japanese to English depending on your preferences.

In Japanese the ghastly heroine Tsutako is voiced by Umemiya Koko, while in English she is voiced by the equally talented Canadian vtuber known as Vexoria.

The game itself is rather linear and features about maybe 6 minutes of build-up before immediately jumping into the main attraction of the game, intercourse with the giant busty ghoul heroine.

There are occasional choices that allow you to dictate what fetish will be at play or how Tsutako will serve you. You can also customize your MC’s name, though by default he is referred to as Yusuke.

The game also features a “piss toggle” like most Miel games, just in case you really do not like watersports in your eroge.

Tsutako herself is based off Hasshaku-sama (a Japanese urban legend) and the story of the game falls into many of the cliche’s commonly associated with erotic works that feature sexualized versions of these urban legends.

While I do appreciate the very seasonal value the game has with the slightly eerie OST and the abundance of ooooos from the heroine, I do feel like it almost undersells the voice actresses as they barely get to say actual lines.

I do also think that in general the game is WAY too short, and while it does feature different endings, none of them are really that intriguing. I’m not expecting the next Hamlet, but I’d appreciate just a little bit more build-up with mainly the main character. It would’ve really gone a long way.

There are some little things like lip sync and the silly “scene studio” that are fun additions but overall, I think the game is basically all CGs with no substance.

So, if you want a quickie and by chance like ghastly ghouls or urban legends, then this might be the game for you. If you want other things in a story, then just skip this one.

You can buy the game on Steam with all erotic content already in it, no patch required!

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7 months ago

Is it a eroge adaption of “The Ring” movie?