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ONE. Remake Trial Version Released

A full article detailing the release of this game will appear some weeks before its launch.

ONE. is a classic visual novel, releasing all the way back in May of 1998 for Windows, and later on PlayStation 1. It was created by many members of what would soon form the iconic company Key, and was one of their first endeavors into the visual novel genre. Over the years, it’s gained the title of being a cult-classic, and it’s remembered for its intriguing characters, and distinct visual style. The game hadn’t been mentioned for quite a while, however, and slowly became abandonware over the years. That is, until recently, when a remake got announced for this beloved classic.

Many fans have been eager to get their hands on this remake, and they’ll finally get the chance to. Starting November 9th, 2023, a trial version of the remake has been released for both Nintendo Switch and Windows. The trial is free, so if you’re looking for something to get into, this should have just enough content to get you hooked.

The full remake of ONE. will be releasing on Steam and Nintendo Switch on December 21st, 2023. Whilst there’s no western price available for it yet, you can still add it to your wishlist to ensure you can purchase it as soon as you wish to. This remake includes all new voice acting, a complete art overhaul, a music overhaul, and many other quality of life features to ensure that it can be enjoyed by a modern audience.

Community member Manpig already played through the trial and gave his assessment on its quality below.

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