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Shinzou Translations releases Rinkaiten no Azrael English Patch

Last November 12, Shinzou Translations released an English patch for Rinkaiten no Azrael, a freeware VN from →Quantize_. Originally released in Japan back in August 2019, it is the third →Quantize_ title to be translated to English.

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→Quantize_ is an amateur group that primarily focuses on creating freeware Japanese visual novels that are available on sites such as Freem!. Rinkaiten no Azrael, translated as Azrael on the Boundary of Life and Death, is their third title. Since its initial release, it has spawned an ongoing sequel titled Shin Rinkaiten no Azrael Tenjoukai Hen that started in 2022. Although initially released as a commercial game, →Quantize_ has since then decided to rerelease the game in episodes. The third episode of the sequel is currently slated to be out by August 2024.

Shinzou Translations is a fan translation group that focuses on translating Japanese freeware visual novels to English and Spanish. Their first ever release was three patches for the visual novels Fukyou no Hana – Snow Flower, Hikage no Himari – sun in the shade, and Kosaka-san. back in May 2023. Since then they’ve been releasing both English and Spanish patches almost monthly, with Rinkaiten no Azrael being their ninth completed project.


Rihito Souda is a new adult who starts working for a major construction company in April.

Even though he is assigned to a different deparment than the one he was hoping for, he meets a senior employee by the name of Reimi Nagashima, and he slowly begins to fall in love with her.

He has a rewarding job, kind parents, and awesome friends…. All of these things seemed ideal, until one day he begins to have terrifying nightmares.

The frequency of these nightmares increases with each passing month and, slowly begins to consume his life.

Shinzou Translations


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If you’re interested in reading Rinkaiten no Azrael, you can download the game through ErogameScapeFreem!,  and NovelGame. The English patch is available on Shinzou Translations’ website. You’ll also find extended thoughts on each project’s translation experience there.

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