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Somnova Studios’ Missing Stars Act 1 Demo Hits Steam & Itch!

Disclaimer: One of Fuwanovel's web development staff, Hamadyne, directed this game.

Missing Stars from Somnova Studios has been in development since 2012, starting out as a Katawa Shoujo-inspired visual novel, but revolving around mental disorders. The project has truly became its own, and its vision seems quite different from when it started.

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After an accident that left him traumatized, Erik Wilhelm transfers to Privatgymnasium St. Dymphna, a special Viennese boarding school for teenagers and young adults struggling with their mental health, where he meets a colorful cast of characters that will turn his formerly uneventful life upside down. As he settles into his new life, Erik will learn more about mental health and how to best approach it.

Official Press kit

About Missing Stars

The project features five routes, an original soundtrack, as well as a CG gallery and the bells and whistles you’d expect a modern VN to have – Including many accessibility options!

In December 2019, the team released a demo for Act 1 of the story. Since then, the team have decided to release Missing Stars episodically, which entails polishing up Act 1 even further as well as ensuring the codebase, and integration of future additions to become smoother.

The official release date for the new and improved Act 1 was announced last month.

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Whats more, this Act 1 demo will be coming to Steam, whereas the previous version was only available through, and the Somnova Studios website.

We created Missing Stars partly due to our desire to increase public understanding of mental disorders and their impact even in our own little ways, and also because we want to tell a story that’s honest, heartfelt, and most importantly, human. We sincerely hope that people will enjoy our hard work and dedication in making this project possible. Missing Stars has been in development since 2012, and we at Somnova Studios are very excited to bring this title to Steam.

Official Press Kit

The Act 1 demo, as well as the full release will be completely free on Steam, and Steam achievements will also be included!

The releases of Act 2, 3 and 4 will be episodic; releasing one at a time.


Erik Wilhelm

Originally born in Switzerland, Erik spent his early years travelling with his family from country to country. A natural wanderer at heart, mixed with easygoing guidelines set by his parents, Erik comes off as laid back and carefree. He only recently started attending St. Dymphna’s and already a peculiar group of people have taken notice of his appearance. He can often be found wandering the school campus at all hours.

Katja Böhm

Elegant, refined, and with an eye towards personal relations, Katja Böhm is a society girl through and through. She loves to be on stage and she loves having people around, which is probably why she has so many distant admirers, or makes a point of getting to know any new student. If there’s something she loves more than forming bonds, it’s probably singing as lead soprano of the St. Dymphna school choir. The chapel and the flower garden are her favorite places on campus.

Isolda Gaillard

To say that Isolda is an eccentric would fall short of actually describing her. Often keeping to herself, she is almost always paying attention to something else in her peripheral vision. Yet, paradoxically, she is often fully aware of lectures and conversations around her. Her two passions are stars and birds, and she’s never too far from a telescope or sketchbook to view them.

Annaliese Koell

The quiet sort, Annaliese is always listening to music on her questionably expensive headphones. What genre she listens to the most has yet to be figured out, as she tends to avoid people in general. Her preference for baggy clothing is to maximize comfort and to keep her bundled up while at school.

Jeanne Lefevre

A student tutor, Jeanne does her best to help students learn the ins and outs of mathematics and various sciences. She provides ample detail in her notes and in her lessons – far more than some people might be comfortable with. Insatiably curious about subjects that interest her, she often spends hours in the library or on her laptop learning everything she needs to know. She also runs the Astronomy Club with Isolda.

Natalya Petrovna Volkova

Hailing from faraway Russia, Natalya is a lively, radiant ball of energy, always with a big smile and a lighthearted joke to share with her friends. Being a sheltered rich girl new to both the school and the country, she’s eager to meet new people and try out new things that strike her very flighty fancy. To her, the world is one big rollercoaster ride, with twists and surprises at every turn–and you can certainly bet she’s raring to discover them.


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Find Missing Stars here


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