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The Fox Awaits Me HANA released for the Nintendo Switch

On November 2, COSEN, in collaboration with Talesshop, released their latest VN for the Nintendo Switch titled The Fox Awaits Me HANA. It is the direct sequel to COSEN and Talesshop’s previous title The Fox Awaits Me that released back in November 2020.

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COSEN is a Korean developer that specializes in romance VNs involving girls that exhibit animal-like physical features (Kemonomimi). With Talesshop as their publisher, they have been developing games primarily for Android and iOS devices since the release of their first title Ulijib Agigoyang-i (localized as My Little Kitties) back in 2013. Starting from 2015 with the release of My Little Kitties in English, they’ve expanded into both PC and console platforms. Of their five games, four are available in English.

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Dangsin-eul Gidarineun Yeou (The Fox Awaits Me) was originally released in 2017 for Android and iOS for the Korean market. In 2020, COSEN made the game available in English as part of the multi-language console version. Although its sequel The Fox Awaits Me HANA features English subtitles, COSEN had to cancel its American and European release back in September 2023 due to undisclosed reasons – they stated that they didn’t know themselves why. As a result, the sequel’s English version is currently only available in its Asian release and on the Japanese/Korean eShop.


In “The Fox Awaits Me HANA,” players take on the role of a young man named Takahiro who, after getting lost in the mountains, stumbles upon a mysterious shrine dedicated to the fox deity. He is then suddenly transported to a mystical world where he meets a beautiful fox girl named Hana. As the story progresses, Takahiro learns more about Hana and her past, and the player’s choices will determine the outcome of the game.



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The Fox Awaits Me HANA is now available in English, Korean, Japanese, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. You can purchase and download the digital version for the Nintendo Switch on the Korean and, Japanese stores. If you’re interested in a physical copy, the game is available for international shipping on Play-Asia.

For more information on COSEN’s releases, you can follow their Twitter account or refer to their official website.

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